A safe social lifestyle
CloudChat ( CC) is a platform that provides you with a safe social life service. You can easily chat with friends around the world and share your unique and interesting perspectives. You can also use pictures and videos to share your life in the circle of friends or the world. Let the world applaud you without worrying about privacy being leaked.
Private and secure social
CC, using the most advanced encryption technology to ensure end-user privacy social security, you can rest assured that with the people who share important moments!
CC message is encrypted and highly self-destructive
CC protect your messages, files, etc. from hackers
CC gives you encrypted personal and trade secrets
Groups and Channels
CC groups and a variety of high-quality content channels
CC syncs chat history across all your devices
Cloud disk
CC unlimited storage of your files and never lose them
Colorful community
In CC you can post pictures, texts, videos, record your own life, and share your lifestyle with the world!
Use CC with friends!
CC, supports six major platforms and is very suitable for business office, organization, circle and personal use! Quickly click below to download CC and invite friends to use it together!